About AIBC Classifieds

Welcome to the AIBC Classifieds!

This complimentary service is provided by the AIBC to:

  1. AIBC-registered architectural firms that hold a Certificate of Practice, seeking staff;
  2. AIBC registrants and affiliates who wish to post their résumé; and
  3. Local governments or other public bodies advertising positions for AIBC registrants or posting approved architectural competitions. Approved competitions from non-public bodies will be considered for posting at the AIBC’s discretion.

The AIBC Classifieds does not accept postings from unregistered design firms, developers, or any other entity not listed above.

The AIBC Classifieds accepts postings for:

  1. Career opportunities;
  2. AIBC registrants and affiliates seeking employment; and
  3. Approved architectural competitions.

The AIBC Classifieds does not accept postings for any position or architectural competition that is not proceeding in compliance with the Architects Act, AIBC Bylaws, or for any position/matter that is not in British Columbia or Yukon.

How to Submit a Posting

Please complete and submit the online form.

If you would like to include a graphic or logo in your posting, you can email your file to classifieds@aibc.ca. Graphic files can be a max of 630px wide and either. jpg or .png.

Once submitted, please allow up to five (5) business days for processing. At this stage, our team will review your submission for compliance and may be in touch if amendments are required.  The AIBC, in its sole discretion, may propose amendments or decline to post any submission received.

Listings are posted for one month unless the Classifieds team receives a written request to continue or discontinue the posting. Note: the same advertisement cannot be posted multiple times within this 30-day period.

Guidelines for Postings

  • Postings must not exceed 500 words.
  • Ensure heading descriptions are consistent with body text.
  • In order to ensure compliance with the Architects Act and AIBC Bylaws, all job postings for protected titles and designations, including Architect, Architectural Technologist, and Intern Architect, must include the following requirement in the job posting:

“Must be registered with the AIBC, or eligible to be registered in the province of British Columbia.”

  • Do not use position titles that are confusing or misleading. Given the AIBC’s role as a regulator of the architectural profession on behalf of the public, the Institute will not publish submissions that are in non-compliance with standards and requirements.

For example, advertisements for the following “unofficial” job titles are not permissible:

      • Architectural Designer;
      • Architectural Technician; or
      • Architectural CAD Draftsperson.

Conversely, only those individuals registered with the AIBC as an “Architect”, “Intern Architect”, “Architectural Technologist”, or other recognized title permitted under the Architects Act may refer to themselves as such, including when advertising for a position.

For further information and examples, refer to AIBC Bulletin 32: Right to Title – The Legal Use of Architect and Derivative Title or contact the Institute prior to submitting your advertisement.

Architectural Competitions

Only competitions approved by the AIBC in keeping with bylaw requirements will be posted. The AIBC recommends that entities considering an architectural competition contact the AIBC as soon as possible in the competition development process at  practiceadvice@aibc.ca.

Terms of Use

By submitting a posting to AIBC Classifieds, all advertisers confirm that their posting is accurate and in compliance with the Architects Act, AIBC Bylaws and Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, including satisfying the requirements pertaining to accurate representation of professional qualifications, status, title, and project credit. The AIBC disclaims any responsibility as to the accuracy of published postings and reserves the right to remove/revise any posting, at its sole discretion, without prior notification.